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Treasure Hunt: Discovering Barcelona

At KLEFF we are trying to implement the concept of “culture building”, i.e. promoting culture from a recreational perspective. At the beginning of the year, we organized together with StrollHunt a fun game of clues to discover Barcelona in a different way. In Barcelona there are many options for tours in which they explain relevant data, anecdotes or history but there are not many recreational options.

Do you know what a Treasure Hunt is?

A Treasure Hunt is a game in which you will have to solve a series of mysteries or clues to discover the location of a hidden treasure. Although it is not strictly necessary to have a story that connects all the clues, it is highly recommended because a good setting will make the players have a more immersive experience and enjoy the activity much more.

It is very similar to an Escape Room with the difference that it is played outdoors so the mysteries or puzzles will be solved with elements that you will find in the street or using information that the Game Master has provided you.

Another relevant aspect is that you do not compete against time (although it usually sets a time limit to finish the game) but you do it against other teams. Usually the other teams start at different points so the route may be different, although nothing prevents you from crossing at some point (protect the information you have collected to avoid being overtaken!).

Key elements and skills to be developed

: Treasure Hunt participants. They are the adventurers who will try to solve the mysteries and follow the clues that will lead them to the point marked on the map. Usually several teams of 3 to 5 players are organized who will start and compete with each other to be the first to discover the whereabouts of the treasure. Only if all team members cooperate with each other they will be able to reach their destination. We are working on skills like “teamwork”, “communication”, “task organization” or “time management”. In addition, these kinds of activities are the perfect excuse to exchange languages or make new friends in a relaxed way.

Map: it is a tool in which we will see the geographical location of the treasure. Usually it is not very descriptive and does not specify the exact point where the mysteries or puzzles can be solved. That is to say, it divides the different zones where the players can find information to advance in the adventure. With the map we are working “spatial orientation” or “time management” to reach the key points in the shortest time possible.

Mysteries: the basis of the game is to test the players through different challenges, either related to a story that has been built or using cultural or historical elements of the city in which it takes place. The different “tests” help us to strengthen our “logical thinking”, to “reason” to reach a conclusion and also to develop “creativity”.

A desire to have fun: both the Game Master and the players have to be willing to enjoy. If the players are not motivated to have a good time or the Game Master does not enjoy his task, it will be difficult for the adventure to be profitable. At KLEFF, one of our premises is always “do it or don’t do it, but don’t try it”.

How is our Treasure Hunt?

Our Treasure Hunt is designed to get to know places and anecdotes in the city of Barcelona. It is not linear and, therefore, mysteries can be solved no matter the order. The objective is to get to know Barcelona, walking around emblematic places while solving the clues we give to the players. We will mainly walk around the Gothic Quarter, where we will see the Cathedral of the Sea, the Ramblas, the Casc Antic or the Carrer del Bisbe. The game lasts about 2 hours and coming is just a good opportunity to meet new people, the KLEFF community is international so while you walk and play you can practice English or Spanish.

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