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Game Night: Guerra de Mitos’ new releases

Last week in our game night, we had a visit from Pak, Marc and Pol from the publisher Guerra de Mitos 😀, they presented us their latest novelties:

💧Nilo by Guillem Coll: in this Egyptian-themed game we find a tile placement mechanic in which we will build obelisks and sphinxes near the mighty Nile River. We will have to direct and manage correctly the course of the river to get the best scores. Don’t lose track of this game that won the Dau Barcelona‘s prototype contest and will soon enter the Verkami campaing.

Nilo board game

🕵🏻 Omerta: we put ourselves in the shoes of mafia bosses in which memory plays a key role to try to get the bottle cards with the lowest possible numbers before the other people with whom you share the table. A game with a lot of interaction between players, with very simple rules and that will delight people who enjoy games like Love Letter or Toma 6.

Omerta board games

👽Adaptoid 24: with an intergalactic theme we find a duel game, designed for 2 people in which one of them will be the predator and the other the prey. Indeed, the aim of the game is none other than to try to escape and avoid being eaten. A game that is very itchy and that yesterday there were epic games and some of the clashes called for revenge.

What is the proposal that most catches your attention?

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Adaptoid 24 board game

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