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Tile-placement tournament

Last Saturday we were fortunate to collaborate in a new edition of Big Day, a fun day that lasts all day where people who attend can try a multitude of games and participate in a tournament.

On this occasion, we were looking for the master of tile placement games. Yes, that component of many games that are somewhat thicker than a simple card and come in many shapes: square, rectangular, polyomino and even abstract.

As usual in the last tournaments we have organized, we took the Swiss system as a reference so that everyone plays the same number of games, without eliminations and with the opportunity to win in the last game. We gave 10 different game proposals for each person to vote for their favorite games and finally we played the following games:

Genial (Devir): a proposal of the prolific author Reinier Knizia in which you have to place colored tiles with different shapes in which you will score for each line of colored symbols. It is relevant that the score will be the one you have obtained in the color with the least points so you have to try to add points in a balanced way in all colors and symbols to add the most points at the end of the game.

Kingdomino (Devir): in this game, the tiles are divided into two sections, as in traditional dominoes. Each turn, a new domino tile will be selected to connect to your existing kingdom trying to optimize points with crowns and terrain type to make the most points using multipliers.

Carcassone (Devir): this is perhaps the game that popularized tile games in 2001. The mechanics is as simple as placing a tile in which we draw the castle (and its surroundings) of the medieval city of the south of France, Carcassone. On the tiles we can find pieces of city, road, a cloister, a meadow or a combination of all of them, and must be placed next to tiles that have already been played, so that cities are connected to cities, roads to roads, and so on.

Cacao (Devir): in each turn we will place tiles in which workers will obtain a series of resources (cocoa) if they are next to a market, we can choose to sell a cocoa resource per worker at the indicated price; if they are next to a well, we will receive water, and so on.

Nilo (Guerra de Mitos): as we mentioned in the previous post about Game Night: Guerra de Mitos’ new releases, this is a game with a lot of strategy in which we will have to correctly manage the floods of the Nile river. Take a look at it because the Verkami’s campaign will be launched soon and it will be a guaranteed success.

The games were so close that at the end of the three rounds of the tournament, we made a final round to Patchwork to find who should place the crown!

Many thanks to @jocsdetaulasagnier for counting on us to organize this super tile tournament.

Do you like tile games, which are your favorites? We read you in the comments!

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