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[REVIEW] King of Monster Island

Do you know King of Tokyo? This is one of the most popular dice rolling games in recent years. The goal of the game is to defeat the other players or get 20 victory points before the others to become the king or queen of the Japanese city, rolling dices to destroy Tokyo!

Recently the last part of the saga has been released: King of Monster Island, also published by Devir.

We are facing a completely independent game (although we can use our favorite characters of the saga), which maintains the main features of King of Tokyo and introduces great news as it is a cooperative game (all against the monster of the island) and a board through which we will be moving). A completely different experience for fans of the saga.

The main mechanics are practically identical: roll and re-roll dice to hit the island monster (boss) or acquire cards that will give us extra actions or unique abilities to try to do as much damage as possible and defeat the monster before it defeats us.

As we said, the game system is quite different from King of Tokyo and King of New York as we compete against a boss that will make things very difficult for us, generating new minions or lackeys between turns and random events that will make planning and cooperation between players difficult.

Although it has a modular difficulty system, that is, with 3 bosses of ascending difficulty, we found it quite difficult to win. It will take several games and know well all the options offered by the dice to be able to master the course of the games.

If you like cooperative games, this is a very interesting option. However, chance has a very relevant weight and can even get a little frustrated if you do not get victories.

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