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[REVIEW] Ierusalem Anno domini

Last week we did a macro demo session of Devir Iberia‘s latest new game. In total there were 6 different tables and we taught how to play in Catalan, Spanish and English. Thanks to Jugador Inicial and other people we were able to show this great game with a very original theme that left no one indifferent.

Before the session, we had recommended some channels to learn how to play like Altru no existe (Spanish) and Professor Mompi and Aya & Zholvax (Catalan), without forgetting the official videos of Devir’s channel in Spanish and English.

Alex from Jugador Inicial, playing Ierusalem Anno Domini

What did we think? We are facing a demanding game, in which it is essential to make a good planning and strategy to play the cards, for example to place cards in any of the three columns to form patterns.

One of the aspects that we liked the most is the interaction, both positive and negative that will make each game completely different and in which we will have to plan our actions but also adapt to changes. This interaction is located in the arrangement of the apostles around the table as well as the followers, as well as the system of favors where we will gift the other players with resources.

It deserves a special mention the visual section with infinite stickers (some say that the first penance that we must pass when we get with this title is to paste all the stickers, followers and resources included) and with an artistic style very appropriate for the theme of the game.
It is appreciated that the game has a solo version and another adapted to two and three players. The solo mode adds several levels of increasing difficulty to the campaign style. However, undoubtedly, where it shines the most is in 4-player games where we will find more interaction between players.

You will like it if you are looking for a game with an original and well-implemented theme, quite demanding and you don’t mind that in some occasions your plans will be ruined.

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Ierusalem Anno Domini main board

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