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5 Beach / Pool-friendly Board Games you need to know

August is usually a holiday month, also for the beach and swimming pool. And why not of board games.

In this publication we review some of the games that we believe can be ideal to take to the beach or pool.

What are the requirements that a game must meet to be suitable for taking to the pool or beach?

  • Compact. In Catalan they say “en pots petits, bona confitura”, that is, in small containers you can find delicatesens. When going on holiday space will be limited, it is important to optimize the space and find some space between towels, swimsuits, clothes and sunscreen. It is usual to take advantage of boxes of some set to include the components of another set and make a 2×1 to occupy that empty space.
  • Quick. Let’s not fool ourselves, the main activity of the summer will be swimming (in the pool or on the beach). We’ll play short games and the most suitable genre is “fillers”.
  • Few elements. Not playing in the best conditions is not the most advisable so it is convenient to choose games that have few elements such as only cards or only dice.

What games does KLEFF recommend?

1. Misión Cumplida (Zacatrus / Brain Picnic Games)

This is a cooperative game for up to 4 players that can also be played alone. In this game we have to face the different missions that the BZ1 Robot presents us, which are based on fulfilling the combinations of colors or numbers proposed. The grace is that to play the cards we can only do it if previously there is a number or color identical to that of the card we intend to play.

Misión Cumplida

2. Virus! (Tranjis Games)

The Spanish Game of 2015 is a safe bet to spend a pleasant time at the beach or pool. The goal of this game of 2 to 6 players is to complete the set (human body) of organs before your opponent. To prevent other players from advancing you can throw virus cards, which you can counteract with vaccines, or use special cards such as “organ transplant”, “organ thief” or “medical error”.


3. Time Bomb: Evolución (TCG Factory)

Hidden role-playing games are a ‘must’ on towels. Lots of interaction and conversation between players (4 to 6 players). “Time Bomb: Evolution” introduces two teams: Sherlock and Moriarty, in which we must defuse the bombs or explode them before the opposing team discovers the hidden identities of our teammates. Deception, betrayal and surprise.

Time Bomb: Evolución

4. ¡Desplumados! (Venatus Ediciones)

One of the surprises of this 2020. A game that is very simple to explain and that engages all types of players. The games are very fast and in many occasions at the last moment there can be a ‘plot twist’ that makes us lose. Tension, concentration and the piques are elements that make up this fun game of chickens.


5. Taco Gato Cabra Queso Pizza (Lúdilo Games)

This 3-6 player game is an excellent alternative to reaction and pattern recognition games. This time, each player must say one part of the Taco-Gato-Cabra-Queso-Pizza sequence in order. If the name of the card matches the word just said, all players must put their hand on the center pile, and the last player to put his hand in the center will take all the cards. Note that there are also some special cards that will make us do special actions.

Taco Gato Cabra Queso Pizza

These are some of our suggestions. What are yours?

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