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Rolling dices to destroy Tokyo!

If there is one element of board games that means luck, besides roulette, it is dices. Yes, those square pieces with six faces and that in each of their faces usually have different numbers or symbols.

One of the best known games with dice is King of Tokyo. In this game, designed by Richard Garfield, the author of the famous Magic: The Gathering, we put ourselves in the shoes of various monsters, robots, aliens and other unlikely creatures to take control of the Japanese city, Tokyo, to destroy it with blows. The blows are a key element in the game as they allow us to get rid of the competition, the other players, and to be the new king of the city.

People playing King of Tokyo in Gameria

What is the game about?

Thus, we find a game with a main mechanic of throwing dice, where through a maximum of three throws we can choose whether to collect at least three dice with number faces (from 1 to 3), hit with dice with the claw face, recover lives with the heart face or get energy with the lightning face.

The objective is clear: either to be the last player alive (having eliminated the other players) or to reach 20 victory points. To get victory points we must have rolled at least three dice with the same number, thus: three dice with a 1, will give us one point; three dice with a 2, will give us 2 points and three dice with a 3, will give us three points. Each additional die with the same number as the die will be an extra point. In addition, with the energy cubes we will be able to buy cards that will give us certain instant or permanent rewards.

Baby gigazaur monster

Tournament at Gameria

On Sunday morning, February 12, we organized a King of Tokyo tournament. Gameria hosted the tournament in which those who participated took home a card and a promotional monster for Valentine’s Day. You can see how adorable Kawaii Ju, the monster that was given to all participants, is below. We had a phenomenal time pushing our luck, beating the other monsters and spending energy points to buy the best cards.

We did a Swiss format with three rounds in which in the last game the players with the best scores faced each other to win the crown. Between dice rolls, there was time to chat and meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere. Tournaments are always an excuse to test ourselves, how good we are at a game, but also to have a good time. As the unlucky ones say: the important thing is to participate.

Would you like us to organize another King of Tokyo tournament? Leave it in the comments!

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Saint Valetine’s promo cards anb Kawaii Ju

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