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Weroll: Find Your Board Games Partner

One of KLEFF’s missions is to bring people together around a table. It doesn’t matter if it’s with long-time friends or if it’s with strangers with whom you’re going to forge a friendship. We love to think (and this is what you have told us several times) that through our community you have made real friendships with whom you share a hobby like board games.

In this post we want to talk to you about Weroll, a mobile application that has just been released and whose mission is precisely to manage and facilitate playful gatherings.

Its operation is easy: you register in the application, currently only possible with Facebook or Google, you finish polishing a little your profile and start playing. We recommend that you add a brief description of yourself as a player so that other players get to know you a little and see how nice you are.

In the application you will find different games created by other players or you can create your own. To create a game you can select a game from your toy library (to make life easier you can synchronize the collection of BoardGameGeek -BGG for friends-), select how many players will participate in the game and where it will be held. You can organize it at home or in an establishment. It is also possible to add a brief description of the game so that whoever wants to join knows a little about how it will be organized, for example: “we are looking for players who have already played their first game” or “this is an introductory game where we are going to learn to play together”. When the game is finished, you will be able to rate both the game and the players who have participated.

Through Weroll we can organize and participate in games in establishments. Or what is the same thing: take advantage of the physical space of stores and organizations to make games. These spaces have many advantages, such as: using the toy library of these establishments, having a space specially equipped to play, using a neutral territory where different players can meet without having to open the doors of our homes to strangers, and so on.

After a few weeks using the application, we explain to you what our experience has been by way of “pros and cons”.

✅ The use of the application is very intuitive.
✅ Possibility of filtering games based on distance.
✅ Sense of belonging to a community.
✅ Ease of finding a suitable place to make a game.
✅ Enhances the social component of playing board games.

❌ More users eager to create games are needed.
❌ Some games are not yet available in the app.
❌ Alert of new games in the area, matching your interests (genres, specific games, player, and so on).
❌ Not yet available on iOS.

We have to point out that the Weroll team are working hard to add new features to make it a very complete app where you find everything you need.

If you haven’t tried it yet, we encourage you to do so and create your first game. You can download the app on Play Store here.

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