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Barcelona Boardgaming for Fun!

On January 28th, 2023 we celebrated at the Movistar Centre in Plaza Catalunya the first day of Barcelona Boardgaming for Fun, promoted by Movistar in which we collaborate with our friend store Mathom. We were able to enjoy a morning with a lot of activities such as game demonstrations, board games giveaways, a Sushi Go Tournament and a Treasure Hunt on dragons. Want to know more about what we did? Read on!

Before 10am everyone was already in place for the day to start punctually. Board game demonstrators, organization and guests, all of them in their respective areas to welcome #kleffers and gamers from all over the world.

Speach in front of the gamers

At the meeting point we could find Pau, Núria and Quim welcoming the people who had signed up for the day: the welcome kit included KLEFF and Mathom flyers as well as two games: a promotional copy of Bunny Hoops (a fun party game, Time’s Up style) and a Mathom and Galeries Maldà game inspired by the award-winning MicroMacro Crime City, in which we had to find different characters and objects in the geeky galleries par excellence of Barcelona. This game could be played throughout the day and to solve it correctly it was essential to observe the map in the purest “Where’s Wally?” style.

People solving the MicroMacro Maldà Game

The space that Movistar Centre made available for the event was spectacular. Spacious, bright and well conditioned, perfect for sitting at the table and trying out some games. In fact, the event was specially designed to test some new products from publishers such as Asmodee with its Challengers, Desmaius or Bunny Hoops. Also present were Devir, with their eagerly awaited novelties: Mindbug, Niebla sobre Carcassone, El Ansia or Mille Fiori and SD Games with Micro Macro Crime City All in, Castillos y Catapultas and Pelo Pata Popó.

The start of the day could not be otherwise than with a Treasure Hunt, this time we put ourselves in the shoes of specialists in dragons and more than 30 people went through the city center to try to find them and answer some riddles about them. In addition to being the fastest to solve the questions, it was necessary to send a funny picture to the game master, which sparked the creativity of some people to surprise André with their funny poses.

Presenting the Treasure Hunt

Meanwhile, a table had been set up for a Murder Mystery Party. At the #bbfmovistar we played the Guerra de Mito‘s game Asesinato en la Mansión Cthulhu. Led by the excellent master Raquel (@firinha_geek), the attendees got fully into this mystery game to try to clarify who was the murderer of the medium. Undoubtedly, it was a very interesting game with some final surprises that surprised all the investigators. If you like this kind of games, we encourage you to try it! It is VERY possible that you will have the opportunity to try a new edition of this series of games in the next day organized!

Asesinato en la Mansión Cthulhu set up

Similarly, throughout the day, we had several free play tables, which we baptized as “ludoteca KLEFF”, where anyone could borrow the game that caught their attention and one of the minions (a.k.a. KLEFF collaborators) explained the rules and / or played with them.

Once all the treasure hunt groups arrived, the Sushi Go tournament began, you may have seen the Sushi Go tournament we did a few months ago in which there were more than 70 people playing simultaneously. This time, we were a little less to enjoy to the maximum and that the competitive component did not get out of hand. Three rounds with a Swiss system that resulted in a single undefeated player who was able to win a prize, courtesy of Devir, a recent novelty: Amazonia or Aqualin. Nico, our winner, had no doubts and chose Aqualin.

People playing Sushi Go

Finally, before the raffles among the attendees, we had a surprise prepared: a group game where everyone would play at the same time. How? More than 100 people playing the same game? Yes, we did a quiz about board games, some questions were very easy, others not so easy, but everyone agreed that it was a lot of fun.

If you couldn’t come, #savethedate: February 25 in the morning. Second edition of Barcelona Boardgaming for Fun, are you in?

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