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Where to play board games in Barcelona?

If you have just arrived in Barcelona or you have always lived in this city but you have just become fond of board games, it is possible that you do not know where to play board games, make new friends sharing this hobby or simply try board games. 

In this article we will try to offer some options so that you can play board games with other people. You will find associations or communities, board games bars and stores with tables for board games. All these options are open to the general public and have their own collection of board games, so there is no excuse not to play!

KLEFF’s Board Games collection
  1. KLEFF (every Wednesday and every other Sunday)

What better way than to start this post talking about us, right? If you have come to this article it is because you know a little about KLEFF or SEO is working very well and words like Barcelona, ​​board games have worked.

At KLEFF you will find a space with weekly meetings where you can try all kinds of games: from party-style games, to more complex strategy games or even eurogames where you can spend the whole afternoon (luckily, game nights are at Restaurante Pasatapas, so you will not go hungry or thirsty).

One of the things that sets KLEFF apart from other board game spaces is the fact that it has people dedicated to giving demonstrations, a youthful and international atmosphere, making it perfect for those who want to make new friends as well as for those just who have arrived in Barcelona and have a huge toy library that is continuously updated with novelties and great successes.

With some regularity, special events are organized with game publishers where a multitude of games are raffled. One of the latest special events was a board game night spooky Halloween-themed

You can find us every Wednesday and every other Sunday from 7:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. at the Pasatapas Restaurant.

In addition, by popular request, every two weeks we organize a Werewolf game night, the well-known hidden role-playing game where you have to discover the most deceitful people. We like it so much that we have even invented special roles for ourselves!

People playing Board Games in Barcelona
  1. Queimada Nivell Q (every day of the week)

Can you imagine having access to a collection with more than 800 board games without paying a single euro? That can only happen in Queimada Nivell Q. We are facing one of the reference leisure bars, not only in Barcelona but practically at the state level since it is a pilgrimage for people from all over the world.

This picturesque family bar was founded at the end of 1981 in Barcelona, ​​in the words of Valentí, “I already played board games and got together with other gamers to play a few games from time to time. When the time came to decide what to do with my premises, that question arose that provoked a mixture of fear and excitement: Why not? A board game venue where you can have a drink and listen to good music, where you can become fond of games, or where you can meet regularly if you are already an experienced player.”

Without a doubt, this is one of the board game venues that you cannot miss if you like board games. Among its extensive collection of games you will find: theme games, society games, eurogames, role playing, adventures, and games for all audiences. Check their colección de juegos de mesa here!

Valenti, Queimada Nivell Q’s owner
  1. Gameria (every day of the week)

One of the board game stores in Barcelona that we most recommend is Gameria, formerly known as Júpiter Juegos. In this store, located in the heart of Barcelona’s Friki Triangle (the neighborhood where you can find shops and spaces related to geek culture such as manga, comics, movies, board and role-playing games, etc.) you will find various tables for board games available so you can play the games they have in their extensive collection or the ones you just bought.

One of its strong points is the fact that (almost) every day of the week you will find a board game event so there will be no excuse not to play. These are usually tournaments or demos of certain games, so it’s easy to feel part of a community.

In addition, they have a YouTube channel where you will find board game tops, recreational news, and so on. 

Gameria’s tables for board gaming
  1. ALC Stronghold, Jocs de Taula Casa Sagnier and Daus del Triangle (Friday)

Now we will talk about three associations that offer game afternoons on Fridays, perfect for kicking off weekends with a good time.

ALC Stronghold is one of the best-known alternative leisure associations in Barcelona. Every Friday they offer an afternoon – game night where you can enjoy their extensive toy library as well as role-playing games with very experienced masters. They do a phenomenal job introducing board and role-playing games to families as well as supporting and promoting the use of the Catalan language in various activities together with the Consorci de la Normalització Lingüística. Don’t forget to stop by Epic Day, one of the coolest events organized in Barcelona!

Jocs de Taula Casa Sagnier offers weekly board game days at the Espai Jove Casa Sagnier where they mainly play games for, perhaps, slightly more experienced players, the so-called “eurogames”. For some time now, the Big Day has been organized every three months, a day in which KLEFF has the pleasure of collaborating, with multitude table game offered for the whole day, with demonstrations and tournaments as well as game raffles. table. 

Finally, Daus del Triangle is an association also in the heart of the Triángulo Friki that offers game afternoons every other Friday. They have a select collection of games and, unlike other communities, the organization of the game tables is very collaborative, promoting the games to be carried out days before to make the most of the afternoon of games. 

Photo-finish Big Day at Espai Jove Casa Sagnier
  1. BCN Wonders (every Sunday)

As you may have observed, we have tried to order the spaces to play board games, from Monday to Sunday, so you can make a route and play every day of the week. In this way, to end the week well, we will spend Sunday at BCN Wonders.

Won-diumenge takes place every Sunday from 4 to 8pm at the Sant Martí de Provençals Civic Center and is organized by this LGTBQi+ board game association. With a very familiar atmosphere, anyone is welcome to play board games. They have several game tables and you can find a variety of games, so you will surely find a game to join!

This has been our small selection of places to play board games in Barcelona. Do you know of any other space to play? We read you in the comments!

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