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5 board games to play with friends

In this article we present 5 very enjoyable games to play with friends who are not used to playing board games. Notice! They are not ordered by preference and it is not a top, they are simply games that we like and that we have come up with as we were writing this post.

1.- We Can Play (Julibert Games)

We Can Play is a game with a “card-line” mechanic, that is, to order the players’ cards following a pattern, in this case, events starring a woman. In fact, in this card game, which the authors themselves define as a “feminist game”, we have to chronologically place the cards in which we are presented with a historical female character. It is a simple game, with quick games and in which, in addition to playing and testing our knowledge of general culture and history, we have the opportunity to discover curiosities about these personalities.

The mechanics is very similar to that found in other games like Timeline, however, in We Can Play we will have anonymous cards that will introduce a small variation in the rules and can help us (or not) to achieve the goal of correctly ordering the seven cards with the feminist events. You can buy it on their website in different languages: Spanish, Catalan, Swedish, German and English. Up to 8 players.

Recommended if… You are looking for a portable game, that can be explained in 1 minute and with which you can learn something.

We Can Play board game

2.- Desmaius (Asmodee)

Desmaius! is a very simple bluffing game that you can take out to any player. The dynamic basically consists in that the players will cast different spells on the opponents, in each round all the spells in play must be resolved and then the players who are still standing will collect the rewards that are on the table. In this way, we will have effective spells and ineffective spells, here we have the bluffing because we do not know if the spells that the other players are throwing at us will affect us or not. This is a re-implementation of the well-known (and award-winning) Cash ‘n Guns, adapting the original setting of gangsters to the Hogwarts school of magic.

Recommended if… You want a game with which to laugh every time you cheat your opponents by pointing the wand at them and the spell is a fake.

People playing Desmaius in Movistar Centre’s activity: Barcelona Boardgaming for fun!

3.- Magic Rabbit (2 Tomatoes Games)

Is there anyone who has never played “memory”? Yes, that game in which you have to memorize where the two pairs of animals are on the cards that are face down. In this 2 Tomatoes game we have a proposal that goes a little beyond the classic game. It is presented with a magical theme, which seems to be starring Jordi Pota himself, whom you can see in the recently created YoutTube channel about board games Aqjuguem?

The premise of the game, then, is simple: remember. To start the game, we will place randomly and in a row all the hat cards and we will start. Exactly, the set up is very easy and the games last only two and a half minutes, so there is no excuse for not taking it to the table. Our goal is to correctly arrange the hats with their respective rabbit. In this cooperative magic show, players can only do one action per turn (swap the position of two hats) and they cannot communicate with the other players.

One of the things we like most about the game is the fact that it has different game modes and different levels of difficulty that sometimes will be a challenge and will test the rapport with your friends.

Recommended if… You like cooperative games, to test how well connected we are with our friends and if you like fast games.

Magic Rabbit board game, played in the 2 Tomatoes Day x KLEFF

4.- MicroMacro: Crime City (SD Games)

Are you familiar with Where’s Wally? In case you don’t remember: it’s about some books that became extremely popular in the 90s in which we had to find Wally (the funny character with striped sweater, beanie and glasses) in colorful and crowded images of people and elements.

MicroMacro: Crime City goes a little further and presents us with a single black and white map in which each of the different cases of the game take place. Each case has its introductory card, which gives us a brief outline of the case so that we can begin to investigate as well as a series of cards with clues / questions, which tell us intermediate points in the story that will be useful to us to find the final solution to the case.

As in the previous game that we have recommended, the cases are progressively increasing in difficulty also has an advanced variant that can be even a major challenge to dispense with the clues and questions that reveals the case. Be warned: the game is engaging. The cases are short and require little preparation, so it is very likely that in the same game night you will do several cases in a row.

At the date of publication there are three games of the MicroMacro series. If you haven’t played any of them, we recommend you start with the first one!

Recommended if… You want to try an original deduction or investigation game and you are not afraid to use a magnifying glass to find all the evidence.

People playing MicroMacro Crime City in the Barcelona Boardgaming for Fun event

5.- Interferencias (Goliath)

Now we present one of the funniest party games you will find: Interferences or Telestrations.

This game implements the very well known “scacharrado phone” in which a player says something to the player next to him and this player in turn tells the next player what the previous player has told him. At the end of the round, it is very likely that the message that has arrived will be completely different. There will be laughter guaranteed!

In fact, the premise of this game is quite simple: one player will write down a word or phrase and pass a pad of whiteboard paper to the next player, who will draw what the previous player has written. Then, the player who has drawn will pass the slate to the next player, who will interpret and write what he/she thinks the drawing is. We will play simultaneously and the round ends when each of the original slates is returned to the hands of each player. At this moment we will reveal the whole sequence of word / phrase – drawing – word / phrase – drawing…

As you can see, it is a game with little prospect of there being a winner, the purpose is to have fun, bring out our creative side and try to understand what the other players are telling us.

There is a version for up to 12 players, so if you are looking for crazy and fun results, try to gather that number of players in your house and you will see what crazy things will come out!

Recommended if… You want to laugh out loud and you are not very competitive. Also suitable for people with poor drawing skills!

What other games would you recommend to play with your friends?

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Playing Interferencias

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