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How to meet people to play board games in Barcelona

If you have reached this post, it is likely that you are looking for people to play board games. Yes, board games are a great hobby, becoming more and more popular with people of all ages. Remember George Bernard Shaw’s phrase: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”.

Often it doesn’t matter how good board games are if one of the main elements is missing: the people with whom to play a game. Maybe our friends aren’t interested in playing with us, we’ve recently moved to a new city, or the schedules just don’t fit with the people in our circle.

In this article we want to talkt about how to find people with whom to share this hobby. How to join them, what to keep in mind and some tips to make it a very good experience.

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Where are the board gamers hiding?

This is the first question we usually ask ourselves when looking for a group of people to play board games with, right?

One of theThe easiest ways to find people to play with is through the internet. Yes, Google and those tools with which you can search for things. For this, there are different sites where it is very likely that you will find people with whom to share this hobby.

We suggest you take a look at Facebook. In Barcelona there are many specific groups of table games such as Quedadas de Juegos de Mesa en Barcelona or Triángulo friki de Barcelona. Juegos de mesa y quedadas. Zona friki, although it is true that they are not very active. It is also interesting that you enter board game forums, one of the most interesting isLaBSK where you can find all kinds of information about board games and a sub-forum for conferences and informal meetings is available.

Particularly, from KLEFF, we like to recommend applications such as Meetup or Palup to find groups of board gamers. In the case of Meetup it is so easy to search for “board games” and the name of the city in which we are to find countless groups and events of board games.

It is highly recommended that when you join, you introduce yourself and also talk to the organizational team to learn about the dynamics since each one has its own way of working.

Treasure Hunters 🙂

Clubs and events

Board game activities that are pre-arranged can be a good way to meet people with the same hobbies. However, if you have just arrived in a city, it is likely that you do not know anyone with your hobbies and you will have to go alone. It is not the best way to “recruit” people to play board games with as it is more geared towards trying new games or enjoying the atmosphere. Keep in mind that this statement fits more in very crowded events such as DAU Barcelona. We encourage you to try the activities that we organize at KLEFF, since we love to bring unknown people together at the same table.

Therefore, a board game club or association can cover any and all of your needs. Our experience is that you end up creating real relationships with which you end up making much more plans than just playing board games on a regular basis.

People playing board games during Devir’s special event in KLEFF

Tirando Dados. Games organized from home

Another tool that we highly recommend, especially if you have a fixed idea of ​​playing something very specific, is Tirando Dados. It is a platform where, in addition to seeing a list of games, you have a very complete map of board game stores, associations and publishers, a market and visual resources to discover new board games.

If you have doubts about where to play board games in barcelona, check out this article!

Tirando Dados’ site

Some tips for meeting new people to play board games

  • Try new games

If you want to meet new people and you’re going to a community of board game fans, don’t bring your own board games. The goal of your visit should be to get to know the members of the group, what games they like and how they relate to each other. We recommend that you have a good predisposition to play what other players want.

  • Set your own game night or afternoon

It’s always a good idea to set up a game if you feel like playing the latest game you bought, for example. Tirando Dados’ platform is ideal for this. Keep in mind that the time and place must be accessible to the people you want to join: if you have complicated work schedules, it will not help to organize a game at 3AM if everyone sleeps at that time. If you have already found an ideal space to play board games such as a club or an association, it is a good idea to organize the game there. It is advisable to organize the game in a public place, such as a store and when there is already confidence, invite people to your house.

In any case, remember that the goal is always to meet people. If you fit in well with the rest of the people and have a positive experience, you will have time to play games that require dedication or take out those games that you have abandoned.

  • Be open-minded

Going with a closed mindset will not help you meet new people at all. If you really want to make new friends, open your mind and let people surprise you. While you meet new people, it is a very good opportunity to try other types of board games that you are not used to playing. Take an interest in people, ask them what they like to do, if it is the first time they come to an activity like this, what kind of games they like, etc.

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