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La Vida es un Carnaval

Today we have put the title of this publication in Spanish, why? Because it’s Carnival! And we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to pay tribute to one of the most joyful songs, La Vida es un Carnaval by the great Celia Cruz.

In fact, in this publication we will talk about our Game Night: Carnival, where in addition to playing our favorite board games we did a costume contest, in which a lot of people participated.

Playing, playing and playing

As any game night, the main protagonists were the board games. It couldn’t be any other way! On this occasion, our toy library was overflowing with new games that we have been adding to our collection so the #TeamKLEFF gave their all to teach our #kleffers how to play the latest games.

Game nights are a perfect day to try out new games as there is always someone willing to sit at a table to act as a teacher and teach, step by step, how to play a game.

More than 150 people came to share a gaming table with other gamers, enjoying the best game night in Barcelona at Pasatapas Restaurant.

People playing during the Carnival event

Costume contest

The main course was reserved for the end of the night: costume contest. As we didn’t want there to be only one winner, we made a classification with different categories.

  • Best costume: this category was open to all the people who came dressed in costume.
  • Best costumed group: suitable for groups of at least two people, with a costume that was an ensemble.
  • Best DIY costume: best self-made costume, no store-bought costumes were allowed, they had to be handmade. Creativity was rewarded!
  • Best board game themed costume: this category was a bit free, the only premise was that it had to have some relation with board games, so it was worth both an element of board games and a board game, strictly speaking.

We were very happy to see that both the people who were in costume and those who were not had a great time. There were many fun moments with the costumes and during the gala and staging. Undoubtedly, these types of events are the ones we enjoy the most as we see how behind the game nights there is a real community of people who feel comfortable and are looking forward to having a good time.

Will you join us in the next activity? Save the date: Saturday, February 25, from 9:30h, Barcelona Boardgaming for Fun by Movistar. Don’t let them tell you about it!

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Costume contest!

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