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We have been featured in 2d6 Magazine!

As you may have seen in our Meetup group, we’ve been on fire for a few weeks with special events with various publishers such as Devir and the presentation of LUNA Capital, GdM Games presenting the latest game of Murder Mystery Party series “Solsticio Oscuro” or doing a tournament of Burn the Festival (if you are not yet a backer, we encourage you to go through their Verkami campaign and give love to their cute rabbits).

About a month ago, David Marchal, Director of 2d6 Magazine contacted us to do an interview and tell us all about KLEFF. In this interview we were able to explain how our initiative has been evolving (here you can read the post about the first 6 months of KLEFF), what plans we have for the coming months and even some curiosities about Pau and André’s tastes.

The truth is that we are very happy to see how we are more and more kleffers and we are also very happy to witness how new groups of friends and even a romantic couple are being created!

If you want to read the whole interview, you can find it here (page 77).

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