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KLEFF’s Mission

Can you imagine what would happen if we lived in a parallel universe and the #kleffers were superheroes? Find out below in this mini story.

🤖 Robot BZ1: KLEFF, we need your help in a #SecretMission.
🔴 KLEFF: Sure! What is it about?

🤖 Robot BZ1: We’ve detected a security breach and have to uncover the impostor before we can start the next #MissionMars.
🔴 KLEFF: It has all the #kleffers. We’re already equipping our ship with all the necessary resources: crew, water, food, energy and oxygen.

🤖 BZ1 Robot: Be careful. The space base is in danger and you’ll have to work as a team to free the Captain. Don’t forget that time is running out and the impostor will try to boycott #MissionRescue.

Some time later.

🔴 KLEFF: #Mission accomplished!

This is an original story written by KLEFF based on the “MISSION” universe of Zacatrus’ games. All rights reserved.

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