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What has happened in KLEFF during the last months?

If you have just arrived at KLEFF or you don’t know very well what this is all about, in this article we explain what has happened in our community in the last months.

Before looking at the highlights, let’s start by defining what KLEFF is: it’s basically a community of people who are board game fans. The characteristic points of #kleffers are, therefore: they like board games, they like meeting new people (both local and foreign) and they sign up for any fun plan. Do you feel identified? Then you’ll feel comfortable at our game nights.

We have already made the sketch of any #kleffer. Now it’s time to review what we have done these last months:

1.- Game Night: Halloween

Let’s start with the first big event we will review in this article. As some of you may know, in 2021 we did a game night set on Halloween. Actually, it was a bit improvised as the call was very last minute. However, it was such a success that many people came dressed up in Halloween-themed costumes.

This year we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to celebrate it on the right day, i.e. October 31, even though it wasn’t Wednesday (our official game night day), to organize a big party. This time, we did give it a lot of importance and in addition to the decorations we had last year, we had a costume contest where we gave out prizes to the most original ones by popular vote.

Our toy library on that occasion was formed exclusively by Halloween-themed games, many publishers wanted to join in the party and donated some games to test them during the game night.

People playing board games in the Halloween Game Night

2.- Vidas Infinitas

Still with the hangover of the Halloween event, after a few days, the podcast program of CuatroVidas Infinitas” made us a super interesting interview where we could explain what KLEFF is, about our activities and a lot of things more.

It was a super nice chat where for the first time we could share some secrets that nobody knew and make some reflections and some recommendations about games that we like. So, for example, Manu and Wako asked us about a game, movie or book that was not mainstream. Unanimously we answered Gold Nugget, by Carles Carreras, a board game that will be brought by the publishing house 2 Tomatoes and that we have been able to see evolve for many months during many game nights.

If you want to listen to Episodio#65: el de KLEFF, you can do it in the link below. You will not be disappointed!

Vidas Infinitas Banner

3.- Big Day and Abstract Multigame Tournament
November was an intense month and one of the first activities was the Big Day in which we collaborated with Jocs de Taula Casa Sagnier, offering an abstract multigame tournament. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with other board game associations to offer different activities so this time we proposed a competitive space with different abstract games.

In total there were 4 rounds where the participants challenged each other in different games from the 10 proposals of games that we chose, 2 of them chosen by each participant and 2 randomly. We did a Swiss system and at the end of the 4 rounds we had two people tied on points. The games that were present were: Calico, Lucky Numbers, Cascadia, Mandala Stones, Sagrada, Reef, Azul, Nova Luna and Santorini.

People playing Azul board game in the Big Day

5.- TCG Factory Day

Following in the wake of the previous year, we wanted to make a big board game party before DAU Barcelona so….

Welcome to TCG Day! That was the phrase we launched at the beginning of this special game night, to celebrate our birthday and to kick off the big board game event in Barcelona. On this occasion we were accompanied by TCG Factory and we were able to test more than 35 games throughout the evening. It was a spectacular gaming night, with more than 120 attendees and lots of friends.

We presented exclusively some games like Endless Winter, Unmatched: Genie & Houdini, Unmatched: Redemption Row / Unmatched: Hell’s Kitchen and the long awaited Ascension Tactics and Ascension Skulls & Sails.


5.- X-Mas Game Night

At the end of the year we did perhaps the event we were most excited about due to its charitable nature. On December 28 we did a Christmas game night where through solidarity contributions of two euros we distributed tickets to participate in a solidarity raffle with more than 70 games.

An event in which in addition to attending more than 130 people, we raised 1703€ that were destined to the solidarity initiative “Nens hospitalizats” of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu. In addition, thanks to GDM Games’ initiative “Trineo de Juegos”, we multiplied the contribution by 6 times.

Some of the solidarity raffle

6.- 2 Tomatoes Day

After Christmas, we came back with our batteries recharged and we organized another big night with a publishing house. In this case, with 2 Tomatoes, known for titles such as Magic Maze, Root, Burgle Bros, Hannamikoji, etcetera.

There were games for all tastes and it was one of the ingredients of the success of the day, we loved the good atmosphere! At the beginning of the day we gave out special tickets to participate in the raffles, printed by Imprenta Sebtor, which by the way, the lion is one of the animals in the latest game by Eloi Pujadas and Eugeni Castaño: Safari Splash, which was not left unplayed. Thank you very much Starter Player for explaining it so well!

One of the attendees at the end of the event said something that touched our hearts: going to an event like 2 Tomatoes Day x KLEFF is synonymous with many things: you try great games, you meet your friends or make new friends, you meet authors, in short: you have a great time.

Coral board game with the entry ticket

7.- Barcelona Boardgaming for Fun

To finish with the highlights of these last months, we can not miss the opportunity to mention the Barcelona Boardgaming for Fun in which we collaborate with Movistar. A different event with many activities and open to everyone in the Movistar Centre building, in the heart of the city of Barcelona.

What’s going to happen in the following months? Stay tunned!

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