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Board Games Strikes Back!

We are super happy to announce that this Wednesday we will meet again to have a fun while playing board games.

We have selected the best games for this return to playful normality. Besides the usual favorite games like Zoom in Barcelona, Secret Hitler, Cash’n Guns, Secret Code, Half – Pint Heroes or Splendor…We bring you news!

Thanks to Tranjis Games, we have “El Maestro“: a fun mime game in which we will become artists and we will have to capture on canvas what the Master is drawing in the air and “Poc!“: in which we will test our ability to basket the cards in the box.

Other games we will bring, courtesy of 2 Tomatoes Games, are “Bloom Town“: a family eurogame in which players manage their resources to build the most beautiful town and “Ghosts of the Moor“: a terrifyingly fun game in which thanks to the dice players have to escape with the maximum of treasures.

There are not two without three, also TCG Factory supports us with its “Time Bomb Evolución“: a hidden role-playing game in which we have to defuse the different time bombs. Without forgetting “Academia Ninja“: a skill game in which we will test the balance of the meeples that we will place in the different scenarios.

Finally, from Games 4 Gamers, we bring “Belratti“: a game in which we have to discover the artist who forges works of art and “El Legado de Maharajá“: a fast game in which we will have to get the best cards.

All these games will be a key piece for the next meetings. Simple, fast games that guarantee a good dose of laughter.

In addition, we will soon have testing sessions of board games and prototypes. Game authors are an important part of our community, we love to be part of the creation process and learn about new initiatives. We will soon start collaborating with LUDO, an association of board game creators, in order to organize both face-to-face and online games.

Do you want to join us? See you this Wednesday 1st of July at 8pm at Restaurant Navía (Carrer de Comerç 33).

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